Chiropractic Care and Children

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Chiropractic care and treatment is popular among adults, especially those who are already starting to experience back and spinal pains due to old age. While this is not too much of a concern since older patients have a high tolerance for adjustments and manipulations, for children to engage in chiropractic treatment can be a common question among parents.


Is Chiropractic Safe for Children?


Because chiropractic is non-invasive as it does not involve the use of drugs, surgery, and other body operations, chiropractic is generally considered safe and of very low risk. Additionally, the manipulations involve in chiropractic care for children is lighter and of softer pressure. However, since children have lower tolerance to pain, they may fully feel the force being applied to them which will cause them to scream or cry.


What Ailments Can Chiropractic Cure in Children?


It is unusual for children to suffer from body pains as young as they are, unless the pain is due to lifestyle causes, such carrying of heavy backpacks to and from school every day, injury from sports or outdoor activities, or improper sleep position.  When a child’s body gets seriously abused from any of these reasons or related ones, that’s when chiropractic care can come in and rid them of the pain.


While chiropractic procedure for children differs from that of adults in terms of pressure, the same technique of nerve adjustment and manipulation is performed. Hence, chiropractic can cure the following conditions in children.

  • Back pain
  • Strains and sprains
  • Stiff neck
  • Neck pain
  • Tension headache
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal disorders


Preparation for Chiropractic Care


Before you engage your child in chiropractic care and treatment, you may want to prepare him, as well as yourself, for the procedure. Here are some things you may want to consider prior to the sessions.


  1. Identify and confirm the actual condition, disorder, or injury of your child. If it involves or is directly related to a disorder of the musculoskeletal or nervous system, then a chiropractic treatment can be effective for his treatment.


  1. Find out what your other medical options are. This may include, but are not limited to, pain relief medications, physical therapy, rehabilitative exercises, or non-invasive surgery. Discuss with your child the procedures for each option and ask him which one would be most comfortable for him. Before making to a final decision, it is best that your child knows what your plans are and he should be able to say something about it.


  1. Prepare your child physically and emotionally. Tell him about the benefits of chiropractic care and how it will help him get better. Let him know that may be a bit uncomfortable or painful, but it will only last a couple of seconds and the effect will be greater than the inconvenience.


  1. If you are decided to engage your child to chiropractic care, look for a qualified chiropractor. Discuss with him the cause of the ailment or injury and other details that may help.


  1. Agree on the procedure, schedule, and frequency of the chiropractic sessions. Make yourself and your child familiar about the entire process and what to expect during the treatment.


  1. Ask about other supporting activities or procedures that may help cure your child’s condition quickly such as therapeutic exercises or rehabilitative activities.


As with any other medical procedures for children, careful thought, planning, and research is required to come up with the soundest decision. Talk with your spouse, family members, and even friends and health specialists to get their opinion that would help you make the right decision.