Chiropractic Myths and Facts

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Chiropractic care has always been a topic of controversy. While many have undergone chiropractic treatment and proven that tit is effective in improving their medical condition, some don’t believe its benefits and even question its power to heal. In fact, as it is always a part of many discussions around the world, some myths about chiropractic care has aroused.

Below is a list of myths about chiropractic care and the reality behind them.

Myth # 1: Chiropractic treatment involves breaking of bones.

Fact: The most common procedure being done in chiropractic care is spinal manipulation. It involves adjustment of dysfunctional joints to restore function of nerves, reduce pain, decrease tightness of muscle, and heal injured tissues.  Most of the time, there is an audible sound being heard during an adjustment, but this is not breaking of bones. The sound is caused by the opening of the joint spaces and release of gas underneath.

Myth # 2: Chiropractic is an endless treatment

Fact: With therapeutic exercises, when the pain still exists, you need to do them again until you feel better. Chiropractic care is similar to this. Your chiropractor will advise whether or not a second, third, or fourth session is still required. Remember that regular adjustments will lead to better mobility and healthier lifestyle. If you feel like you’re already healed and don’t want to engage in another chiropractic session, it is always your choice not to go.

Myth # 3: Chiropractors are not doctors.

Fact: Chiropractors are professional primary care practitioners. They act as first-contact medical care specialists, like any other doctors. In Ontario, chiropractors are legally authorized to use the title doctor.

Additionally, in order for a person to practice chiropractic, he has to finish an undergraduate program and complete a 4-year Doctor of Chiropractic program. Moreover, he has to undergo thorough training and practical exercises and pass board exams to be able to receive a professional license. The process of becoming a chiropractor is very similar to the how doctors undergo their training in the field of medicine.

Myth # 4: Chiropractic is not safe for children.

Fact: Chiropractic is generally accepted to be safe for everyone, adults and children alike. In fact recent studies have shown that chiropractic has lower risk compared to traditional medical treatments.

Children, being active as they are, are prone to accidents and injuries as they grow. When this happens, chiropractic care can be your best option to diagnose them of any abnormality and treat it, if ever there is any. Research shows that children engaging in chiropractic treatment are less likely to develop colds and infections. Most importantly, chiropractic care enables children to grow with healthier nerve function and development.

Myth # 5: Chiropractic is for relieving back pain only.

Fact: Chiropractic is designed to heal and treat disorders of all joints found in the body. It just happens that back pain is the most popular reason why patients visit their chiropractors. This is followed by neck pain and injuries, and headaches. Truth is chiropractic care can relieve pain due to osteoarthritis, tendonopathies, carpal tunnel syndrome, forearm fractures, ligamentous sprains, and a lot more.