How Do I Teach My Child Proper Posture?

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Having a good posture leaves a good impression to people. A child who always stands erect is perceived as being confident, alert and full of vitality. The society’s impression of good posture even today, extends even further.  A person with good posture is perceived as being of good stature, educated and smart. Even as people’s impressions are important, it is not so much about them that you should teach good posture to your child. You should place even more emphasis on the health benefits and overall well being that good posture will bring to your child.

Benefits of Good Posture

Some of the physical benefits of your child having good posture are:

  • It enhances good development of the young child’s spine, muscles and joints.
  • It allows the child to breathe better.
  • It provides for good circulation and digestion.
  • It improves his frame of mind.

These physical benefits from having good posture may make a better student of your child. A positive frame of mind facilitates easier learning, a pleasant outlook, and creativity. And your child’s active brains will need plenty of oxygen and good circulation.

On the other side, bad posture may bring about the following negative effects to your child:

  • Back pain and stiffness of the muscles
  • Weak bones and muscles
  • More complicated conditions such as restricted range of motion of the spine segments from excessive stress on the back

Causes of Bad Posture

Physical and environmental issues result in bad posture. Bad habits that do not promote good posture negatively affect and gradually weaken structures in a child’s body. The following may cause bad posture in children and may need medical attention:

  • Weak back muscles and muscles in the abdomen
  • Musculoskeletal system problems
  • Disorders in the nervous system
  • Eye or ear problem

Tips on How to Teach Good Posture to Your Child

Pay special attention to your child’s postures when he stands, walks, and sits, as he grows. Like many good habits, practicing good posture starts early in a child’s life and comes from the parents’ teaching and supervision. These are some of the effective tips to teach good posture to your child:

  • To start teaching your child good posture, make him sit on a stability ball while doing simple activities as playing computer games or watching TV. The ball strengthens stability while strengthening his back.
  • Invest in ergonomic chairs and tables that facilitate proper positioning of the child’s back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs when he sits.
  • Do not allow the child to carry too heavy load like books and school bag. A rucksack, or even better, a pull-type wheeled bag or luggage carrier should be used.
  • Do not let the child carry uneven loads on his shoulders.
  • Praise your child when you see him practicing good posture. Positive reinforcements for good behavior will go a long way in teaching good posture to your child.
  • Lead by example. Be a good role model to your child in this area. Consistently demonstrate good posture yourself.
  • Enroll your child in a yoga, tai-chi or ballet class when you can. These disciplines emphasize body awareness and movements, many of which, allow for deep breaths and proper extension.
  • As young as he is, you may want to bring your child to the chiropractor so he can learn and appreciate the need for good posture.

You can play a very important role in your child’s development of good posture that will benefit him well throughout his adult life. The right time is now.